• Join Us by creating an account or directly login using your Facebook or Twitter account details.
  • You will receive an email notification requesting you to verify your email address, kindly verify your email address.
  • Everything is ready to serve you on your dashboard. You will be able to see all your activities such as all offers, auction bids and recent transactions.
  • DaaZ services are fully tailored made and designed keeping your needs at the center of the service
  • We display details such as age, current registrar name & expiry date of domain names on landing pages.
  • We also have a great user interface
  • We have been offering Auction bot free of cost. 
  • Our friendly team is available to serve you round the clock
  • Any direct purchases of listings or auctions on the platform is 100% free.
  • If you send a brokerage request to DaaZ and request us to assign a specialist to acquire a domain name on behalf of you, then DaaZ will request the brokerage engagement fee and a success fee.  We will clearly communicate the details and request you to sign the consent form before processing such requests, so you will also clearly be aware of the fees upfront.
  • Search filters help users to save time by finding the desired domain name results in a short duration of time. Available Search filters are:
    • Contains filter: Help to optimise the search results and display the domain names with a particular keyword, alphabet or a digit you are looking for.
    • Starts with filter:  This is same as the prefix search. This filter helps to get the optimal inventory having the search keyword or alphabet or digit at the beginning of the domain name.
    • Ends with filter: This is same as the suffix search.  This filter helps to get the optimal inventory having the search keyword or alphabet or digit at the end of the domain name.
    • Buy now listings: This filter helps you to find the domain names that are ready to buy.
    • Make an Offers listings: Helps to find the domain names which are listed for sale as “make an offer” type.
    • Marketplace auctions: Helps to find the domain names which are available in the auction.
    • Price Range filter: Helps to find domain names prices in between the filtered price range.
    • Domain Length filter: Helps to find domain names in between the filtered length range.
    • Special Characters filter: Helps to find domain names with specific special characters that have chosen by the user which should include in the domain names.
    • Include domains with hyphens: Helps to find domain names include hyphens in the filtered results. For an example: India-tours.com.
    • Include domains with numerals: Helps to find domain names include numbers in the filtered results. For an example is USA1land.com.
    • Domains with numerals only: Helps to find domain names which contain numbers only.  e.g.: 9999.com

An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder.

  • Once you verify your email address, you are eligible to participate in auction
  • If you want to bid above 5000 USD, you must complete the profile verification request. Only verified bidders can bid over 5000 USD 
  • No, participating in auctions is not attract any fee
  • Participation means you are legally agreeing to purchase the domain name if your bid is declared as the winning bid.  You must complete the purchase by paying the winning bid amount.

The default min amount to bid is 40 USD.  

  • Reserve price is the minimum expected price of the seller to sell the domain name in an auction
  • In the auction bidding process, if any of the bidder's bid amount is equal or more than reserve price requested by the seller then the same is considered as “Reserve price met”

For example:

  • If seller A wants to add their domain name NDNV.net in an auction and added the reserve price as 1000 USD.
  • If any of the bidders bid either 1000 USD or more, it considered as a reserve price met and the domain name will be sold to the winning bidder.


In the event, an auction is completed and the reserve price is not met, the highest bidder of the domain name has an opportunity to negotiate with the seller to complete the purchase.  So better to participate in the auction and try to be the highest bidder.

  • Sellers could list their domain names for sale via Make an Offer, Buy Now. As a buyer, you have to be familiar with these buying options:
    • Make an offer: It means you have an option to make your desired offer for the interested domain name(s). In short, negotiations are possible on this listing, a bargain hunters choice.
    • Buy Now: It means the seller is expecting the fixed price for a domain name. You have to buy it directly there is no option to negotiate with the seller.
    • Buy now/Make an offer: Here you have two options.
      • Purchase the domain name straight away paying the asking price. This is the best way to secure the domain name quickly.
      • Make an offer to the seller to negotiate the price. Results are indicating there are some chances of sellers reducing prices, at the same time there is no guarantee that the seller will reduce the asking price. There are also occasions where sellers increased the prices due to a high number of inquiries on the same domain name.
  • If you place an offer on a domain name, the seller will have four options to choose:
    • Accept the offer: The seller has the option to accept the offer you have made.
    • Counter offer: The seller can make a counter offer, if he/she is not satisfied with the price offered by you.
    • Reject the offer: If the seller is not happy with the offer then he/she has a chance to reject the negotiation.
    • Send to Auction: If seller feel that the domain is more trending and could fetch more price from market then seller can send the domain to auction.
  • Offer is legally binding for 5 days and after that it expires in case of no response from the seller.

If there is no response from seller means, very likely seller is not amused by the offer.  If you can’t wait longer and need the secure the domain name urgently, perhaps it’s the time to make a new offer closure to the asking price of the seller

  • If you want to purchase a domain name value higher than 5000 USD, then you must verify your identity.
    • Verified Bidder Form provided by Daaz.com à please download and complete the form
    • Government-issued COLOR photo ID
    • Address Proof

This verification helps to reduce spam bids or purchases.  We respect your privacy and we assure we protect your data with the highest data standards. Kindly note, we as a market place has to keep the fraud risk manageable.

It takes 24 hours to verify and approving the documents uploaded

  • We are using the stripe payment method, supports payments up to 5000 USD.  Feel free to use your debit or credit card to complete the purchase.
  • All payments over 5000 USD has to be completed through wire transfer.
  • 5 Days, payment reminder emails will be sent every 24 hours once. 
  • All purchases on the DaaZ platform are legally binding, please be sure before buying. Sellers can file a legal dispute in case you have not paid on time.

At max 1 to 2 days after the payment received.

We have the free auction bot service that monitors and bids on behalf of you.

The Auction bot helps you to bid even if you are offline. You just have to enter your auction amount it will automatically bid on behalf of you until your entered amount. The bid stops once it reaches to the entered amount, then you have to manually bid.

At present, DaaZ.com supports common payout options.

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Transferwise  

Open to explore other payment options as recommended by our sellers.

  •  You can reach out to support team in two ways:
    • Live chat: It is available for registered or unregistered users.
    • Ticket: It is available for only registered users

We are only accepting the verified sellers to list their domain names on sale at DaaZ.com.

If you want to join as a DaaZ seller, please register with DaaZ and submit a support ticket. DaaZ’s on-boarding team will stay in touch with you to complete the joining formalities.

No, Joining DaaZ seller program is free.  Only verified sellers allowed to sell on DaaZ.com.

We are not charging any fees for listing domain names for sale, we only charge success fee for completed sales.

No, DaaZ is designed to be a friendly platform for sellers.  Just a few simple steps to remember:

  • Join DaaZ as a seller
  • Add domains: List domain names for Sale
  • Agree to the sale (Via Make an Offer, Buy It Now or Auction Sale)
  • Handover the domain to DaaZ
  • Get Paid within 48 hours  

All our buyers and sellers are part of the DaaZ’s family, DaaZ team will assist you round the clock.

  • Following are the steps to add domain names:
    • Login to DaaZ.com account
    • Click on “Add Domains” in dashboard
    • Add the domain names following on-screen instructions

After adding all domain names in a textbox, click on submit button and you're doneYou will receive an Email confirmation, alternatively, you have an option to track the status of the domain names addition using the “Portfolio à Upload domains report”

  • Minimum asking price should be 20 USD if the name is listed as Buy Now or Make an Offer
  • Minimum starting bid on any domain name auction is 40 USD
  • No upper limit. We encourage sellers to list the names at fair prices, remember buyers do their research before buying.
  • The Auction is a process where domains are added by the seller with/without a reserve price.
  • As a pre-requisite, you have to add domain names to your DaaZ.com account and complete the verification process. Then you are eligible to submit your domain names to the auction.
  • Choose auction days and proceed with it. You can choose a number of auction days, fees will vary based on the number of days you would like to auction your domain name:
        1. 1-day Auction: The domain name selected for Auction will be auctioned for 1 day.
        2. 3-days Auction: The domain name selected for Auction will be auctioned for 3 days.
        3. 7-days Auction: The domain name selected for Auction will be available for 7 days.
  • Complete the payment and the domain name will be moved to auction immediately.
  • No, it’s up to the you as a seller to accept the offer received or counter offer or Ignore offer
  • Although we encourage you respond to all the offers received. We are aware of many examples of sellers converting xx USD starting offers to XXXXX USD sales.
  • Not all buyers are aware of the domain name after market prices, as a seller it is a best practice to educate and share the recent sales in the same niche and extension, that help buyers to gauge the price
  • You will receive a notification from the DaaZ.com and you can also track the same in Dashboard
  • On a positive side DaaZ allowing the opportunity to contact the highest bidder, we highly recommend negotiating with the highest bidder. If you both agree on the price, you have an option to complete the sale.
  • Login into your DaaZ.com account and go to Buyer/Seller activity menu. Check with the offer received tab.
  • DaaZ.com will send you a notification on every new offer and also a reminder if in case you have not responded to the offer.
  • On a different note, offer made tab is used when you will offer to buy other seller’s domain name. All your offers will be shown here.
  • Choosing the right theme for your domain name’s landing page is the vital part in selling domain names, please remember first impression is the best impression smiley
  • At moment DaaZ is supporting five types of themes:
    • Default theme
    • Balloons theme
    • Aeroplane theme
    • Shopping theme
    • Flyover theme
  • If you are not choosing any theme, default theme will be considered for your domains landing pages. If you want to change it, Go to Portfolio à click on checkbox of the domain name à click on change theme from select box.
  • In theme section, select your theme and check with the preview option before applying it.
  • Log in and go to the Dashboard -> Portfolio. You can edit price in two ways:
        • Multiple domains editing: The changes made by the seller will be applicable to all the domain names selected for editing.
        • Single domain editing: The changes made by the seller will only be applied to the selected domain name.

Note: If you are looking for additional themes (or) currency options (or) categories,  please raise a support ticket and we will certainly explore all possible options to address the same requirement. DaaZ’s motto is helping our sellers and buyers with utmost devotion.

 In both the actions, you can change the below-mentioned settings:

        • Change price: Using this option, the seller can change the price of the domain name.
        • Change Currency: Using this option, the seller can change the currency, supported currencies are EUR, GBP, INR, and USD.
        • Change price option: Using this option, the user can change the Price option like Buy Now, make an offer or Buy now/make an offer.
        • Change Min Price: Using this option, the user can change the minimum price amount for domain names.
        • Change Category: Using this option, the user can change the domain names category, by default it applies Automotive domain name category for your added domain names. Business, Community, Clothing, Communication, Construction, Education, Financial, Food & dining categories…etc are available to choose.  
  • Obviously YES, you can list your domain names on other platforms too.
  • At the same time if a domain name is submitted for auction in DaaZ, you should remove the sale listing from another platform until the auction is concluded.
  • If the name is already agreed to sell on DaaZ, you must remove such names from sale from other platforms to avoid double selling

Yes, you can make a direct auction for your domain name at any time.

  • The VAT status of a member indicates if the member is trading on DaaZ.com as a VAT-liable company.  When the VAT Status shows as "Applicable" the member has specified within their DaaZ.com account that they are VAT-liable.
  • If the seller represents a European Organization with a valid VAT number:
  • Update VAT number
    • We will not collect VAT on success fees from VAT verified European organizations

Daaz supports below mentioned gTlds and ccTlds. Some of them are listed below: 

.ac .academy .af .associates .bi .biz .bj .ca .capital .studio
.care .cash .ci .city .cn .co .network .storage .in .uk
.com .credit .cx .de .direct .exchange .farm .finance .foundation .fr
.fund .gallery .gl .gs .guide .guru .gy .hn .house .in
.info .io .it .life .link .ma .marketing .me .ms .net
.nf .ng .org .photo .photography .photos .pl .ru .sb .sh
.so .solar .solutions .tl .today .tv .uk .university .us .zone
.aaa .aarp .abarth .abb .abbott .abbvie .abc .able .abogado .abudhabi
.accenture .accountant .accountants .aco .active .actor .ad .adac .ads .adult
.ae .aeg .aero .aetna .afamilycompany .afl .africa .ag .agakhan .agency
.ai .aig .aigo .airbus .airforce .airtel .akdn .al .alfaromeo .alibaba
.alipay .allfinanz .allstate .ally .alsace .alstom .am .americanexpress .americanfamily .amex
.amfam .amica .amsterdam .an .analytics .android .anquan .anz .ao .aol
.apartments .app .apple .aq .aquarelle .ar .arab .aramco .archi .army
.arpa .art .arte .as .asda .asia .at .athleta .attorney .au
.auction .audi .audible .audio .auspost .author .auto .autos .avianca .aw
.aws .ax .axa .az .azure .ba .baby .baidu .banamex .bananarepublic
.band .bank .bar .barcelona .barclaycard .barclays .barefoot .bargains .baseball .basketball
.bauhaus .bayern .bb .bbc .bbt .bbva .bcg .bcn .bd .be
.beats .beauty .beer .bentley .berlin .best .bestbuy .bet .bf .bg
.bh .bharti .bible .bid .bike .bing .bingo .bio .black .blackfriday
.blanco .blockbuster .blog .bloomberg .blue .bm .bms .bmw .bn .bnl
.bnpparibas .bo .boats .boehringer .bofa .bom .bond .boo .book .booking
.boots .bosch .bostik .boston .bot .boutique .box .br .bradesco .bridgestone
.broadway .broker .brother .brussels .bs .bt .budapest .bugatti .build .builders
.business .buy .buzz .bv .bw .by .bz .bzh .cab .cafe
.cal .call .calvinklein .cam .camera .camp .cancerresearch .canon .capitalone .car
.caravan .cards .career .careers .cars .cartier .casa .case .caseih .casino
.cat .catering .catholic .cba .cbn .cbre .cbs .cc .cd .ceb
.center .ceo .cern .cf .cfa .cfd .cg .ch .chanel .channel
.charity .chase .chat .cheap .chintai .chloe .christmas .chrome .chrysler .church
.cipriani .circle .cisco .citadel .citi .citic .cityeats .ck .cl .claims
.cleaning .click .clinic .clinique .clothing .cloud .club .clubmed .cm .coach
.codes .coffee .college .cologne .comcast .commbank .community .company .compare .computer
.comsec .condos .construction .consulting .contact .contractors .cooking .cookingchannel .cool .coop
.corsica .country .coupon .coupons .courses .cr .creditcard .creditunion .cricket .crown
.crs .cruise .cruises .csc .cu .cuisinella .cv .cw .cy .cymru
.cyou .cz .dabur .dad .dance .data .date .dating .datsun .day
.dclk .dds .deal .dealer .deals .degree .delivery .dell .deloitte .delta
.democrat .dental .dentist .desi .design .dev .dhl .diamonds .diet .digital
.directory .discount .discover .dish .diy .dj .dk .dm .dnp .do
.docs .doctor .dodge .dog .doha .domains .doosan .dot .download .drive
.dtv .dubai .duck .dunlop .duns .dupont .dvag .dvr .dz .earth
.eat .ec .eco .edeka .edu .education .ee .eg .email .emerck
.engineer .engineering .enterprises .epost .epson .equipment .er .ericsson .erni .es
.esq .estate .esurance .et .etisalat .eu .eurovision .eus .events .everbank
.expert .exposed .extraspace .fage .fail .fairwinds .faith .family .fan .fans
.farmers .fashion .fast .fedex .feedback .ferrari .ferrero .fi .fiat .fidelity
.fido .film .final .financial .fire .firestone .firmdale .fish .fishing .fit
.fitness .fj .fk .flickr .flights .flir .florist .flowers .flsmidth .fly
.fm .fo .foo .food .foodnetwork .football .ford .forex .forsale .forum
.fox .free .fresenius .frl .frogans .frontdoor .frontier .ftr .fujitsu .fujixerox
.fun .furniture .futbol .fyi .ga .gal .gallo .gallup .game .games
.gap .garden .gb .gbiz .gd .gdn .ge .gea .gent .genting
.george .gf .gg .ggee .gh .gi .gift .gifts .gives .giving
.glade .glass .gle .global .globo .gm .gmail .gmbh .gmo .gmx
.gn .godaddy .gold .goldpoint .golf .goo .goodhands .goodyear .goog .google
.gop .got .gov .gp .gq .gr .grainger .graphics .gratis .green
.gripe .grocery .gt .gu .guardian .gucci .guge .guitars .gw .hair
.hamburg .hangout .haus .hbo .hdfc .hdfcbank .health .healthcare .help .helsinki
.here .hermes .hgtv .hiphop .hisamitsu .hitachi .hiv .hk .hkt .hm
.hockey .holdings .holiday .homedepot .homegoods .homes .homesense .honda .honeywell .horse
.hospital .host .hosting .hot .hoteles .hotels .hotmail .how .hr .hsbc
.ht .htc .hu .hughes .hyatt .hyundai .ibm .icbc .ice .icu
.id .ie .ieee .ifm .iinet .ikano .il .im .imamat .imdb
.immo .immobilien .inc .industries .infiniti .ing .ink .institute .insurance .insure
.int .intel .international .intuit .investments .ipiranga .iq .ir .irish .is
.iselect .ismaili .ist .istanbul .itau .itv .iveco .iwc .jaguar .java
.jcb .jcp .je .jeep .jetzt .jewelry .jio .jlc .jll .jm
.jmp .jnj .jo .jobs .joburg .jot .joy .jp .jpmorgan .jprs
.juegos .juniper .kaufen .kddi .ke .kerryhotels .kerrylogistics .kerryproperties .kfh .kg
.kh .ki .kia .kim .kinder .kindle .kitchen .kiwi .km .kn
.koeln .komatsu .kosher .kp .kpmg .kpn .kr .krd .kred .kuokgroup
.kw .ky .kyoto .kz .la .lacaixa .ladbrokes .lamborghini .lamer .lancaster
.lancia .lancome .land .landrover .lanxess .lasalle .lat .latino .latrobe .law
.lawyer .lb .lc .lds .lease .leclerc .lefrak .legal .lego .lexus
.lgbt .li .liaison .lidl .lifeinsurance .lifestyle .lighting .like .lilly .limited
.limo .lincoln .linde .lipsy .live .living .lixil .lk .llc .loan
.loans .locker .locus .loft .lol .london .lotte .lotto .love .lpl
.lplfinancial .lr .ls .lt .ltd .ltda .lu .lundbeck .lupin .luxe
.luxury .lv .ly .macys .madrid .maif .maison .makeup .man .management
.mango .map .market .markets .marriott .marshalls .maserati .mattel .mba .mc
.mcd .mcdonalds .mckinsey .md .med .media .meet .melbourne .meme .memorial
.men .menu .meo .merckmsd .metlife .mg .mh .miami .microsoft .mil
.mini .mint .mit .mitsubishi .mk .ml .mlb .mls .mm .mma
.mn .mo .mobi .mobile .mobily .moda .moe .moi .mom .monash
.monster .montblanc .mopar .mormon .mortgage .moscow .moto .motorcycles .mov .movie
.movistar .mp .mq .mr .msd .mt .mtn .mtpc .mtr .mu
.museum .mutual .mutuelle .mv .mw .mx .my .mz .na .nab
.nadex .nagoya .name .nationwide .natura .navy .nba .nc .ne .nec
.netbank .netflix .neustar .new .newholland .news .next .nextdirect .nexus .nfl
.ngo .nhk .ni .nico .nike .nikon .ninja .nissan .nissay .nl
.no .nokia .northwesternmutual .norton .now .nowruz .nowtv .np .nr .nra
.nrw .ntt .nu .nyc .nz .obi .observer .off .office .okinawa
.olayan .olayangroup .oldnavy .ollo .om .omega .one .ong .onl .online
.onyourside .ooo .open .oracle .orange .organic .orientexpress .origins .osaka .otsuka
.ott .ovh .pa .page .pamperedchef .panasonic .panerai .paris .pars .partners
.parts .party .passagens .pay .pccw .pe .pet .pf .pfizer .pg
.ph .pharmacy .phd .philips .phone .physio .piaget .pics .pictet .pictures
.pid .pin .ping .pink .pioneer .pizza .pk .place .play .playstation
.plumbing .plus .pm .pn .pnc .pohl .poker .politie .porn .post
.pr .pramerica .praxi .press .prime .pro .prod .productions .prof .progressive
.promo .properties .property .protection .pru .prudential .ps .pt .pub .pw
.pwc .py .qa .qpon .quebec .quest .qvc .racing .radio .raid
.re .read .realestate .realtor .realty .recipes .red .redstone .redumbrella .rehab
.reise .reisen .reit .reliance .ren .rent .rentals .repair .report .republican
.rest .restaurant .review .reviews .rexroth .rich .richardli .ricoh .rightathome .ril
.rio .rip .rmit .ro .rocher .rocks .rodeo .rogers .room .rs
.rsvp .rugby .ruhr .run .rw .rwe .ryukyu .sa .saarland .safe
.safety .sakura .sale .salon .samsclub .samsung .sandvik .sandvikcoromant .sanofi .sap
.sapo .sarl .sas .save .saxo .sbi .sbs .sc .sca .scb
.schaeffler .schmidt .scholarships .school .schule .schwarz .science .scjohnson .scor .scot
.sd .se .search .seat .secure .security .seek .select .sener .services
.ses .seven .sew .sex .sexy .sfr .sg .shangrila .sharp .shaw
.shell .shia .shiksha .shoes .shop .shopping .shouji .show .showtime .shriram
.si .silk .sina .singles .site .sj .sk .ski .skin .sky
.skype .sl .sling .sm .smart .smile .sn .sncf .soccer .social
.softbank .software .sohu .song .sony .soy .space .spiegel .sport .spot
.spreadbetting .sr .srl .srt .ss .st .stada .staples .star .starhub
.statebank .statefarm .statoil .stc .stcgroup .stockholm .store .stream .study .style
.su .sucks .supplies .supply .support .surf .surgery .suzuki .sv .swatch
.swiftcover .swiss .sx .sy .sydney .symantec .systems .sz .tab .taipei
.talk .taobao .target .tatamotors .tatar .tattoo .tax .taxi .tc .tci
.td .tdk .team .tech .technology .tel .telecity .telefonica .temasek .tennis
.teva .tf .tg .th .thd .theater .theatre .tiaa .tickets .tienda
.tiffany .tips .tires .tirol .tj .tjmaxx .tjx .tk .tkmaxx .tm
.tmall .tn .to .tokyo .tools .top .toray .toshiba .total .tours
.town .toyota .toys .tp .tr .trade .trading .training .travel .travelchannel
.travelers .travelersinsurance .trust .trv .tt .tube .tui .tunes .tushu .tvs
.tw .tz .ua .ubank .ubs .uconnect .ug .unicom .uno .uol
.ups .uy .uz .va .vacations .vana .vanguard .vc .ve .vegas
.ventures .verisign .versicherung .vet .vg .vi .viajes .video .vig .viking
.villas .vin .vip .virgin .visa .vision .vista .vistaprint .viva .vivo
.vlaanderen .vn .vodka .volkswagen .volvo .vote .voting .voto .voyage .vu
.vuelos .wales .walmart .walter .wang .wanggou .warman .watch .watches .weather
.weatherchannel .webcam .weber .website .wed .wedding .weibo .weir .wf .whoswho
.wien .wiki .williamhill .win .windows .wine .winners .wme .wolterskluwer .woodside
.work .works .world .wow .ws .wtc .wtf .xbox .xerox .xfinity
.xihuan .xin .xperia .xxx .xyz .yachts .yahoo .yamaxun .yandex .ye
.yodobashi .yoga .yokohama .you .youtube .yt .yun .za .zappos .zara
.zero .zip .zippo .zm .zuerich .zw .capetown .durban .energy .express
.group .money .co.in .co.uk

We charge 8% commission on every successful sale conducted through DaaZ.com marketplace.

You can manage your payment details by going to your settings page and select the payment details option.

  • Domain transfer can be done in two ways:
    • Push request: It is the fastest domain transfer process where the domain names can be transferred in a few seconds to a few minutes time. It’s like moving a domain name from one account to another account, both buyer and seller should have
    • Note:  Only for a few Registrars it’s available.
    • Auth code request:  Seller submits the authentication code to DaaZ and DaaZ help the buyer to start the domain transfer. It can take up to 5 to 8 days to complete the transfer process.

Just create an account with DaaZ.com,and create a ticket to get enable the seller account.Once enabled the seller account you can add the domain names into your account.

Follow few steps to add  your domain names for sale at DaaZ.com

  • Login into DaaZ.com 
  • Click on add domains 
  • Enter your domain names (Seperate your domain name by comma,space or new line)
  • Do not enter "www" or "space" before the domain names
  • Click on "submit"



A newly registered user on DaaZ.com only get the buyer's privilege.If you are looking to sell your domain names on DaaZ.com, you have to create a ticket with us. To submit ticket click here.DaaZ.com will help in completing the on-boarding process.